The Best Auto Window Tinting in Richmond Hill

No matter what you drive, tinting is an inexpensive and practical modification that not only adds to the appearance of your vehicle but has great functionality. Both you and your passengers will be able to enjoy the benefits of tinted windows. It is a small investment that will improve your driving experience and your vehicle's value!

The advantages of tinting your vehicle’s windows are many including:

  • keeping your vehicle’s interior cool and comfortable
  • reflects 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays
  • reduces glare and provides a clearer and more comfortable view of the road
  • reduce fading to your vehicle’s interior seats, fabrics and dashboards
  • save gas by using less AC
  • provides privacy and conceals valuables from potential thieves
  • makes your vehicle’s glass safer against breakage
  • provides a sleek and sporty look to your ride

tintHeat rejection and a sporty custom look for your auto are two of the main reasons most people consider auto window tinting.  Glare reduction and protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays that harm you and your car’s interior are also excellent reasons to purchase tinting. Whether it's the blinding glare of the sun or the high-beams from the guy tailgating you, tinted windows can be an answer to the problem. Medical experts and auto upholstery technicians both have long known what the damaging UV rays from the sun, even on cloudy days, can do to our skin and the interior of your automobile! Our quality tinting materials eliminate up to 99% of these UV rays before they can get into your automobile.

Tinted windows provide increased security and privacy for your auto. What a thief does not or cannot see usually will be left alone! A commonly overlooked safety feature of tinted windows is in the event of an auto accident. Window tinting can help shattered glass hold together and prevent it from spraying the inside of the auto and harming the occupants with sharp splinters of glass.

An important consideration in your decision to purchase tinting would be the years of comfort a quality tinting product will give you and your auto. Dollar for dollar, window tinting for your car improves the looks and protects your interior better than any other aftermarket product available anywhere!